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Industrial visit at UMA polymers (uma max) jodhpur

Date: 06-May-2023

Today, An Industrial visit has been Organized by G.D.Memorial college of Management & Technology F...

"Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat"

Date: 10-Dec-2022

"Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat" was conducted by GD Memorial College of Management & Technology under ...

"Campus Bazaar"-2023

Date: 27-Nov-2022

"Campus Bazaar" Event Organised by G.D.Memorial College of Mgmt & Technology, For M.B.A students.I...

Industrial visit to "Reliance Mart"

Date: 12-Nov-2022

An Industrial visit For MBA students to "Reliance Mart" organised by G.D Memorial college of Mgmt &...

Industrial visit to '"Gayatri Steel"

Date: 24-Sep-2022

An Industrial visit to '"Gayatri Steel" organised by G.D.Memorial College of Management & Technology...

Educational Tour at Ranakpur and Kumbhalgarh

Date: 02-May-2020

G D memorial college of Management & Technology has organised a educational tour at Ranakpur and Kum...

The Self-Defence Programme and Debate Competition on Gender Equality Programme

Date: 14-Mar-2020

The" Self-defence Programme along with” debate competition on gender equality Programme" for the S...

Fit India Movement Programme along with Gender Champion Programme

Date: 20-Feb-2020

Today, The "Fit India Movement Programme along with "Gender Champion Programme" for the Student of M...

Computer Graphics Animation Seminar was held at IT department

Date: 21-Jan-2020

A computer graphics animation seminar was held at IT department of G.D. memorial college by arena an...

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